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At RELIC, we specialize in three distinct types of projects to transform your automotive dreams into reality, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship:

RELIC Turnkey Cars – Complete, ground-up remanufacturing

Entrust us with the donor shell of a car, and our skilled team will meticulously remanufacture it from top to bottom, incorporating cosmetic enhancements as well as a fusion of old-world craftsmanship and modern design. (Starting at $250,000)

Our in-house design team begins by creating realistic 3D renderings as working models, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to execution. Equipped with on-site facilities, our expert craftsmen produce millwork, metal, and billet and carbon fiber components that blend traditional artistry with contemporary innovation. The final result is a one-of-a-kind, bespoke RELIC® masterpiece—a timeless treasure that is uniquely yours. Learn More

Modernization – Mechanical upgrades for classic cars

Love the exterior but desire the inner workings and driveability of a contemporary vehicle? Our modernization services will upgrade your classic car’s mechanics with current drivetrain solutions, giving you the best of both worlds. (Starting at $65,000) Learn More

Restoration to Factory-Correct – Restoration by Relic

Preserve your vehicle’s original essence with our factory-correct restoration services. Our expert team at Relic® will meticulously refurbish your car to its authentic, showroom condition. (Legacy Service – Apply for Consideration) Learn More

Relic: Restoration, Redefined.

Innovative Technologies and Services at RELIC:

In-House Design Team:

Our talented team of industrial designers create digital concept renderings before any physical work commences, ensuring your vision is accurately translated into reality.

3D Scanning

We offer on-site 3D scanning for automotive parts and other items that can be transported to our facility. With access to all sides of a part, we can create a digital twin for precise design and manufacturing. (Service available to non-Relic clients at a rate of $400.00 per hour or negotiated day rate)

CAD Design and Car Rendering

From napkin sketches to fully realized concepts, our industrial designers work in Solidworks, Fusion 360, and Keyshot to bring your vision to life with photorealistic renderings.

3D Printing and Fabrication

We provide large format 3D printing services, with a print volume of up to 40"x40"x40". Available materials include PLA, PETG, ABS, and Carbon Fiber filaments. For end-use parts, we offer CNC machining for precise production.

CNC Fabrication (Computerized Numerical Control):

Our CNC capabilities extend to millwork, metal, and billet components, providing you with nearly limitless customization options for your project.

Rapid Prototyping

High-fidelity prototypes closely resemble the final product in appearance and function, offering benefits such as reduced design and development time, lower product development costs, minimized risk, and enhanced user involvement during design stages.

Over two decades and 500 builds later, our expertise is unparalleled, and we’re eager to bring your automotive vision to life.


Complete, ground-up remanufacturing


Mechanical upgrades for classic cars


Restoration by Relic

RELIC is Restoration

We’re not the only company that restores Classic Cars.
We’re just the only one who does it this well.

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