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                                              Attention: We have a few allocations remaining for 2024 builds. Call us at 713 838 9700 to get yours in.

In the realm of automotive restoration and Restomods, where raw desire meets craftsmanship, the RELIC Mustang emerges as the epitome of a bespoke car. Meticulously handcrafted to cater to the desires of discerning clients, each RELIC Mustang is a fusion of aluminium, steel and carbon fiber. Picture the blend of a classic Mustang body, selected from your original donor vehicle or a pristine reproduction shell, serving as the canvas for our transformation. With precision, we strip away the cruel rusty remnants of the past, embracing a clean bare metal approach that allows us to unleash our creative team of artisans.

From the very foundation, we redefine the Classic Mustang experience. No antiquated suspension or steering. Instead, we draw upon a completely modern geometry, enhancing it with increased chassis support  to accommodate the powerful range of engines offered at our restoration shop. We are the only restorer of classic cars that incorporate features like ABS Brakes and OEM Air Conditioning. Prepare to be captivated as only at RELIC has available raw power of up to 1000 horsepower via the Ford Coyote engine with optional twin turbos. Such an audacious merger of strength and elegance exists nowhere else.

Our craftsmanship does not end with power upgrades alone. We invite you to immerse yourself in the possibilities, as we collaborate with esteemed partners like Roush, Recaro, and Wilwood. Together, we weave a tapestry of customization, curating an experience unparalleled in the world of classic car restoration. Imagine the exterior allure of a Classic Mustang, enhanced by the heartbeat of a modern quad cam masterpiece pulsating beneath its sleek surface. This is the essence of the RELIC Mustang, where tradition embraces innovation in a dance of automotive bliss.

It is crucial to remember that the  RELIC hand-built factory produces a limited number of these custom Mustang Restorations. Clients from around the globe await their delivery, each RELIC Mustang a testament to their individuality and our unwavering commitment to obtain perfection.

The journey begins with a phone call that ignites the petrol potential of your dreams. Contact us now, and allow us to guide you on the path toward the realization of your very own custom-built RELIC Mustang. RELIC is Restoration. Redefined.

Please give us a call to configure your car and start the custom car build of your dreams.  Pricing begins at 299k to over 1.5 million in super car racing trim.

Relic is Restoration. Redefined.

Established in 2000

RELIC is the destination if you are looking for Automotive Restoration or a Restomod Builder

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