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The RELIC Camaro is a custom hand-built Restomod tailored to each individual client. We start with a classic gen1 or gen 2 Camaro donor vehicle or new reproduction Camaro body shell. From this classic body shell we remove all of the original floors through the engine bay and begin a clean slate design and modification of the suspension, steering and everything else that isn’t an aesthetic component that identifies the vintage car as a Camaro. Our foundation is based upon cutting edge modern oem suspension geometry (not junk aftermarket classic car upgrade parts) with massive reinforcement to handle the custom engines that we install in house at our custom restoration shop. Going a step further, RELIC cars are available with ABS brakes and other late model features not found at any other Restoration Facility in the U.S.. We are the industry standard for horsepower in a classic Camaro. Nobody else offers available 1500 horsepower twin turbo LS engines in a Camaro except for RELIC. The options list for a RELIC Camaro transcend your average classic car restoration shop. We have partnered with the best such as GM Performance , Recaro, Vintage air and so many more to manufacture a custom vehicle like no other. Imagine a Classic Camaro f-body exterior with an enhanced modern Camaro underneath. This is what the RELIC Camaro is all about. Keep in mind that we manufacture a limited amount of cars in our hand-built restoration factory and we are supplying cars to clients around the world. 

Please give us a call to configure your car and start the custom car build of your dreams.

RELIC is restoration. Redefined.

Prices begin at $250k and go beyond $1.5m in show car carbon race trim.

Relic is Restoration. Redefined.

Established in 2000

RELIC is the destination if you are looking for Automotive Restoration or a Restomod Builder

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