RELIC Restoration Story


For over 20 years RELIC has hand built custom and restored turn-key vehicles for the most particular clients around the world. We can bring a family heirloom back to life or make a custom supercar fantasy come true.

Jeff Pate – Founder

Mr. Pate’s first professional journey in to the classic car restoration industry  began with Classic Cars of Houston in 2000 whilst attending University for business management after already restoring cars since childhood. He knew he could take his passion for auto restoration to a professional level if he started his own business. What started as a humble two-man team and a modest size shop grew to an astounding 36,000 sq ft factory with separate departments allowing for up to 80+ vehicles at a time to be restored at one location.  Classic Cars of Houston was built upon restoring cars the decision was made to wind that business direction down and form a new company. RELIC was born to take the characteristics and spirit of a classic car and combine that with industry leading car manufacturing and modernization. RELIC is now the cutting edge solution for restomods and classic cars that are actually reliable. Though now the founder and investor for several national brands and companies, Mr. Pate continues to be the lead designer and ambassador for RELIC!

” The decision to end Classic Cars of Houston and start RELIC was easy. Custom needs dictated that we build a vehicle that was as good as their daily driver but had the classic car look that they truly desired. Our unique proprietary product delivers what no competitor can, a completely drivable product that can actually be used as transportation!”  Jeff Pate

Factory correct restored vehicles are a legacy product of RELIC. (Please apply for condideration)  have been a core component of what RELIC has been doing for 22 years. Whether or not you are wanting to piece back together an original muscle car or build a points-based show car for a national event we have you covered. RELIC’s proof as a classic car builder is in the 100s of first place national car show awards such as Goodguys, 2-time ISCA national champion, Autorama, world of wheels and Keels and Wheels. Car show awards may not be everything, but we would love to show you what has made us one of America’s top Restoration Shops. Our team consists of classic car experts and enthusiast who have a passion to produce the highest-quality vintage cars. Our services are comprehensive and cover everything from full frame off restoration and bare metal paint jobs. Everything is done is house except for chrome work. 

 Ask our classic car experts for more details about high-quality car restoration. If you are looking for a restomod or custom car we can help you with that as well.